Send your dog to school!

We offer group classes, &
private one-on-one lessons.

Private sessions are $100/hr at our facility
At this time, we do not travel to clients homes.

Age level: 8 weeks to 5 months
Current Tuition: $250

We will help jump start your dogs socialization, controlled play, confidence, body handling and address common road blocks like jumping, nipping and potty training. We will teach basic obedience commands such as focus, their name, sit, lay down, and come. 
Puppies attending should have started their distemper/parvo series, and kennel cough vaccine.

Puppy Kindergarten 

Foundational Skills
Tuition: $300

Teach your dog how fun it can be to follow commands and lay the groundwork for skills that are key in developing a well-mannered canine.
All commands will be taught both verbally and with hand signals.

Basic skills taught in Level 1 include but are not limited to:
- Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Drop it, Leave it, Look, Drop it, Stand, Loose Leash Walking Basics

Skill Building
Tuition: $300

We will build upon everything taught in level 1 and add in more challenges that will be useful in the real world. 

- Auto sit at doorways, and for greetings.
-Go to your “place” from a distance and for longer durations
-Coming when called from 25+ away 
-Stay with distractions
- Loose leash walking advanced 
-Out of sight recall
-Out of sight stay
Go say hi!

Age level: 6 months & up
Tuition: $300

Level 3 is our outdoor advanced obedience class. Your dog must of taken atleast 1 prior obedience class with us to register. 

Veterinary approval before registering for class is advised but not required.

Age level: 6 months & up
Class length: 3 weeks
Tuition: $200

Dogs must be in good physical condition.
Dog must have decent recall
Dogs cannot be aggressive towards people or dogs.
This class is combo of agility and canine fitness.

Age level: 4 months & up
Tuition: $250

For owners who want to build up their relationship with their dog and learn some fun party tricks along the way. This class is great for training your dog to listen and build new skills, while distractions are present.  Commands taught may include: 
- Spin, Paw, Weave in between legs, Touch, Middle, Take a Bow!, Crawl, Sit pretty, Jump through the hoop! and more!

Level 2

Level 1

Trick Class

Level 3


Send your dog
to school

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