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  At Good Boy Training we do what is right, not what is easy! 

When you first bring a dog into your home you can expect to encounter challenges. Some can be mere inconveniences, while others can be dangerous for you and your dog alike. 

Your dog is part of your family, but sometimes their behavior can frustrate you, or even embarrass you. You may worry about them hurting someone, or hurting you! It can be confusing when your normally sweet dog barks and lunges at people or other dogs. 

When you got a dog, you probably imagined relaxing strolls around the neighborhood and evenings snuggling together on the couch but your pooch isn't living up to your dreams.

We work cases big and small to help you achieve the dog of your dreams. 

We teach our students to think for themselves and behave a certain way because they want to, not because we force them too. We do not use pain, fear, or intimidation to train our students! Aversive methods do not help our dogs learn. In fact, they damage our relationship and cause significant stress, leading to bigger behavior challenges. We use science-based methods in our classroom which are fun, they help our dogs stay engaged, and teach key concepts! This way we help our dogs grow in areas like confidence, calmness, focus and reliability. 

our philosophy

Positive reinforcement training is an extremely important practice to me and one of my top priorities as a pet trainer. Having worked with many adult dogs who struggle with anxiety and reactivity issues, I have a special passion for working with puppies to prevent these issues from developing in the first place. My goal is to provide you with the tools you need to have the dog of your dreams.

We do this by teaching your dog how to have self control, remain calm in distracting environments, how to look to you to ask for what they need, and teaching them the foundations of basic obedience

we are a dog lover, 
just like you.

about us

Brittany Erickson is the owner and trainer at Good Boy.
She is also:
- Certified NJ Animal Control Officer
- Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner
- Certified in Pet CPR and First Aid
- Certified Trick Dog Instructor 
- American Kennel Club Evaluator
- Proud Member of (APDT) the Association of Professional Dog Trainers
- Proud Member of (IACP) International Association of Canine Professionals
- Proud Member of (PPG) Pet Professional Guild
- Fear-Free professional
- Veterinarian recommended

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about us

Meet our
our Students

- Briana p.

After working with a couple other trainers, as well as meeting with potential trainers, we were starting to get frustrated because no one was focusing on Cannoli and his personal needs and attention. Other trainers focused on the surface level of how a general puppy should behave and some even recommended outdated solutions that we knew would “break” our happy puppy. After one consultation meeting with Brittany, we knew she was going to give her full undivided attention to make Cannoli the best version of himself.


Brittany was able to teach Goliath how to lay down in one session, after I had been trying to work on it for weeks. Goliath loves Brittany so much and so do we. Her style is absolutely phenomenal and she truly does speak dog.
I can’t wait to continue to see the progression of our pup and his relationship with Brittany. She truly has changed our lives and made such an impact on our boy. We hope for many more sessions and a long relationship with Brittany. Thank you for all you do!


Our Golden Retriever pup has been working with Good Boy Training for the last couple of months and we see such a huge difference in his demeanor & self control. Being able to have a real conversation with our dogs trainer means so very much to us - we all need to be on the same page when training a dog and Britt makes it seem so easy and natural . We trust her, we appreciate her time with us & the professionalism is un-matched.

Group ClasseS

$110/hr for in-home sessions
$100 for private sessions at our facility. Private, in home sessions are only available to clients who live within 10 minutes driving distance of Asbury Park.

We have a wide variety of programs created for every age group and skill set! Click our "services" page

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