We do dog training a little differently

All our training programs can be customized and will be tailored to fit your dogs specific needs! If you do not see something you are looking for, please reach out through our contact page! 

We offer trick training, AKC CGC classes and confidence building training by request. 

Our Offerings

Open to dogs starting at 8 weeks, Jump start the socialization process, crate training, potty training and work on play biting/nipping. Perfect to help puppies become well adjusted, fear-free adults. This will include pet handling, in-depth socialization and name recognition. 


Open to dogs starting at 3 months of age. For dogs who need to learn the basics of training. They will be taught to walk nicely on leash, sit, down, stay, come, and a few tricks. This is perfect for family dogs.

This advanced dog obedience training program is a great next step after Elementary School. We build upon previous learned commands. We work on house manners such as how to not jump on guests, boundaries, the command “off” and go to their “place”. We will teach loose leash walking and work your dog in distracting environments.

The next step before college (our off leash training program) High school is for dogs who need a challenge. We will go to various places like retail stores, local cafes, farmers markets, train stations and city parks. We make sure your dog can listen to all their commands, in any environment with any distraction!

Off leash training! Your dog must have completed two previous training programs with us before entering college.

Middle School

Elementary School


High School